Sunday, March 6, 2016

Beware the Corsairs!

This is my second small force to be given the full army treatment in Age of Sigmar. It's based around Dark Elf Corsairs and a Kharybdis. First up, Lokhir Fellheart and the corsairs:
I picked up a Kharybdiss to add to the group as soon as that model came out. Even though I painted it soon after, I forgot to take a picture of it. Here is a stock photo:
The same goes for the Dark Elf Sorceress. When I can, I'll get a pic of the one I painted (not this one):
Now, I know river trolls are not part of the Dark Elf army, but I thought they would make a nice addition to the force. If you think about, the Corsairs could feed anyone they don't want to take as a slave to the trolls, who would make good guards. Here are some from my collection:
To round out the force, I went back to the Dark Elves army list and added some harpies. These still need to be painted.
The total force is around 50 wounds (just like the sea guard) with two heroes. Can wait to see it in action!

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