Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Sea Guard Cometh!

One of the first small armies I have decided to develop for Age of Sigmar are the Lothern Sea Guard. I bought some of the spearmen and the skycutter a while back to perhaps use alongside my Marienburg Empire army. But when Age of Sigmar arrived, I decided it could become its own small army. To that end, I added a high elf mage with annulian crystal as well as a forge world merwyrm (based on the old Storm of chaos Sea Guard lists). I also scratch built a bolt thrower with the leftover pieces of the skycutter. My models don't have any paint on them yet, but I am planning to go with a pretty traditional paint scheme.
Should make for a tidy little force!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Age of Sigmar Ogres

As I begin to rework some of my armies for Age of Sigmar, I'll post them here. First up are my ogre pirates. This was a 3-4000 point warhammer army. The AoS force will be a tidy 100 wounds or so. It is led by the pirate captain Sharkbelly.
The crew is under the "tender" care of the ship's surgeon (counts as a butcher).
It includes a bunch of ogre scalawags, including an elaborate banner that would be large enough to sail a small boat.
Firepower is provided by the gun crews (six leadbelchers and a "counts as" ironblaster).
And, finally, there is a giant.